hands-on marketing help.
real BRAND growth + LEAD GEN.

The Startup Marketing Accelerator empowers B2B and B2C tech companies to create market demand and traction by eliminating the guesswork from your marketing strategy.

Over 6 months, you'll be paired with a dedicated expert marketing coach, utilizing proven playbooks tailored to your needs.

Whether you're launching your first campaign or aiming to scale your growth systematically, we work closely with you to create and implement a personalized plan.

Together, we drive real market traction and establish your brand as a leader in your space.


Unlock expert advisory and comprehensive modules covering every aspect of startup marketing. Gain the knowledge and support needed to propel your venture forward.

6-month virtual program.

A dedicated expert marketing coach. 

Personalized MARKETING advisory.

48+ hours of hands-on coaching.


dedicated slack channel for ongoing advisory.

selective, small cohorts for maximum support.


Patrick Jones - Course author
Marketing, Brand, & Business StrategIST for Startups


Founder and CEO of The Brand Incubator, helping early-stage B2B & B2C startups navigate the complexities of brand building and market penetration, ensuring scalable growth and investor alignment. From leading marketing strategy as a CMO and consulting for venture capital firms to being a founder myself, I am passionate about helping teams and founders turn early hurdles into valuable insights for business growth. Blending business design with tactical execution, my unique strategic approach consistently leads brands to secure major media coverage and achieve significant traction. A proud Haas MBA alum (go Bears!), I also enjoy mentoring and lecturing to university students in entrepreneurship, design thinking, and marketing.

our founders say that kate

overdelivers value | drives customer clarity | transforms brands | provides unparalleled support 

Kate helped me focus on what's truly important in prioritizing my one or two customer segments that I really need to focus on, and not got lost on things that are too far down the road. 

christopher yee
Founder, werepresent
She was not only the consultant who was there for me when I needed her, but even financially, she added way more value than I expected. Creating my website would not have been possible without her!

kavita agrawal
Founder, exp-invest
Over 8 years, I was never able to come up with a product name I liked. Within an hour of working with Kate, we were able to identify a ton of great candidates that I had never considered before. 

chris matteson
I speak about how much Kate has been such a bright light for me. That she has only made me believe Cloud Medicine is actually going to become something even more amazing. I'm grateful she's joining me on this journey. 

Jody Perry
founder, Cloud Medicine
After a decade of working with Kate, I can say she is the real deal. 

If you want to take your company to the next level—she's your person. 

Jock Putney
I have worked with Kate for over 12 years in several companies, and she has been involved in almost every aspect of the businesses that my business partner and I founded. She will exceed your expectations and overdeliver! 


your blueprint for success.

Launch and scale your startup with my proven 3-phase approach to building a successful go-to-market effort and establishing a stand-out brand.

Phase 1: Discover your market

Weeks 1-12

Develop a comprehensive understanding of your market, identify your ideal customers, and create a strategic plan to acquire and convert them effectively.

Phase 2: establish your brand

weeks 13-16

Differentiate your brand and create essential marketing collateral to effectively communicate your value proposition and drive engagement.

Phase 3: Launch + scale

Weeks 17-24

Execute your go-to-market strategy, manage outreach campaigns, and prepare for scalable growth by refining tactics and optimizing sales processes.

A Joint Path to GROWTH.

Achieving market traction is easier with an experienced marketing coach by your side. Let me help you navigate the road to product-market fit with ease, taking the guesswork out of driving qualified leads and creating a brand that attracts customer, partner, and investor attention. 

One of my core values is "always overdeliver." It's just who I am. And, it's just what you can expect from working with me. 
You definitely want in here. A big part of growing your startup is by learning from and chatting with other founders.

Plus, this is where your company’s private channel will live and where you can submit work for review or ask for feedback any time from our team of marketing specialists and consultants. 

You should have gotten an email to join the community or you can click the link below for access. Be sure to use the email you signed up for the program with to get started. 

Once you're in, make sure to introduce yourself and share more about your startup and the problem you solve. Check out the “Introduce Yourself” video in this module for more details.